Bulbs (Ones that glow not ones that grow)

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Whilst sorting out the various small electrical issues on my 1973 Polycab I found that one headlamp bulb is loose in its metal bayonet fitting. Although it works I should replace it, and of course should have at least one as a spare.  Its a 35/35 bulb, but on looking at Holden's website I am bemused with the vast array of types. Help please. Is it BFP or UEC or XXX or YYY???

And also, the very small panel illuminations bulbs. I need to replace several, what should I ask for?

Nigel D


  • Hi Nigel,

    Basically, they are BA20d - the ones i have listed a link for might not be  the cheapest but they are quartz halogen so are the brightest sort you can get that are still 35/35watt. You might be able to get cheaper ones like the ones you currently have, but I would go for the Quartz halogen ones.

    There are two sizes of small bulbs, so easiest way to deal with the issue is to buy 10 of each of the following:-
    10 x BA9s  - 4 watt - parking lights front / fuel gauge
    10 x BA7s  - 2 watt - instrument lights

    All three sorts can be bought via Ebay, or you local motorcycle shop - car shops might have them but less likely to have them on the shelf.


  • Thanks John, I knew you would have the answer.
  • Have you made them glow yet? Maybe if you put some fertilizer in the back it might help you to see them!  :)

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