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Hi there, just a quick post to introduce myself. I am Chris ( aged 27 ) from Newcastle upon tyne, and together with my dad, Gordon ( fast approaching 60 ) we are restoring a 1964 Haffy. 
Currently, the body is stripped from the chassis, shot-blast and undergoing somewhat extensive surgery for an amature welder like myself! That said however, progress has been rather swift lately, and with new side runners and outriggers welded in, life is slowly returning to our project.
I bought the Haffy complete, without seeing it from an older guy in the Wirral, despite the fact he had never touched it for 30 years it took all of ten minutes to get a song from the engine! Result!
I will look forward to speaking with fellow owners from here over the coming weeks and months, any advice / pointers or pit falls to watch out for would be greatfully appreciated!



  • Hi Chris, welcome to the Forum, there is all ways plenty of advice / pointers etc available from Forum Members, have you thought of joining the Owners Club ? I will Email you an application form in case you want to join.   Regards Pete Elliott  ( Club Secretary & Forum Admin )
  • Cheers Pete, received the forms and i will return them as soon as i can! 
  • If you need advice / pointers etc, you need to be a bit more specific about which topic your are after or you will get statements like - What prompted you to buy a vehicle that will require more attention than a child?

    Have you bought shares in a rust treatment manufacturer?
    Did you win the lottery? If not, you need to as most of your money will go it to the big black hole that you call a "Haflinger" ! LOL

    Seriously, The platform is mostly flat sheet steel with ribs formed in it, so if you have some flat metal stock 10 mm thick and an angle grinder, you should be able to make a press and die shape for the ribs and using a hydraulic press, you should be able to re-create panels that you can weld in where the rust has made open air....

  • :)) Cheers John good idea! Yes the rust has produced quite alot of open air! However, optimism remains high as i will not let this vehicle plummet me into a state of depression which it is trying so adamently to do!

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