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Hi guys , I have just bought the body to engine weather seal strip , my Haflinger didn't have one when I bought it, does it clip onto the body panel and seal against engine tinware or the opposite way round , or another way to explain it does the seal stay attached to the body or the engine when the engine is removed, a photo of how it should fit would be great, also just got a set of the Maloya tyres, I fitted them this morning , quality looks pretty good .


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    I have to say the part book is not very helpful on this point, so all I can say is that the edges of the body work have the "U" shaped bits of metal into which you slide the engine compartment seal. By definition this means the seal stays attached to the body work if you ever take off the tin work.

    There is a seal slot the follows the engine fire wall and then one on either side where the cylinders are, a final one on the rear bodywork facing the Dynastart pulley.

    Bit of a faff trying to get in in position with the engine in place so i have been told. Lurch does not have it fitted either! Obviously a common bit for people to take off and then discover it is a pain in the A*** to put back on again after they have put the engine back in!

    Maloya tyres are an aggressive tread  which is great off road, but tends to help the Hafi wander when driven at speed on the Queens highways. They also cost quite a bit.....
    Couple of the reasons a lot of people fit Fiat 13 and 14 inch 98 x 4 PDC wheels and then Mud and Snow tyres if they occasionally do things like Green Lanes.

  • Thanks for the reply John,
    I understand what you saying, my body work does not have the channel for the rubber to slide in, but that's no problem now I know which way to fit it ,it might make it easier to fit, and I look forward to driving the haflinger with the wondering tyres. Cheers
  • How about some commentary on what you have done, plan on doing?

  • Hi John,
    What I'm doing is rebuilding an early MK 1, 1962, I have rebuilt and modified the engine,rebuilt all the running gear and gearbox, and fitted a new platform, I still have the battery box ,fuel tank , and toolbox to repair, the nose cone and wind screen also need a fair bit of welding, I enjoy doing the mechanics, but hate doing body work , that's why the build has slowed down, It's not meant to be a show haffy it will be in regular use on and off road and for collecting fire wood,
    Regards Clive
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    Sounds like a workhorse then! Only real problem with the MK1 is the gearing does not make for easy modern day road runs, unless you are in a herd of Haflnge's in which case it doesn't matter!  :))

    Is it going to visit others of its kind at the various meetings?

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    Hi Clive, sounds like youv'e still a lot to do before its on the road, but keep up the good work you will get there in the end and it will be great to see you at events when its finished. 
     John, yes , Clive's Haf does sound as its going to be a workhorse, but hey,that's what  Haflingers were built for and after all they were named after an Austrian work horse,   is a collective of Haflingers a ' Herd  ' or  an  " Expense of Haf's "             Pete

  • Hi Clive, my early Mk1 SWB was built in Feb '62 - when was yours built?

    Cheers, Julian
  • Hi Julian,
    The body identity plate says1962, and it was first registered in May 63, So yours must also have the front cab welded to the bodywork ?
    Regards Clive
  • Hi Clive, yes mine does too; other things to look for include lack of side inspection panels on the engine bay, vertical "stripes" on the fuel tank (instead of horizontal), and many other subtle differences. Mine now lacks the flat metal gear change tower "lid". AUIU the central tube is a bit narrower than later ones also.

    I look forward to meeting up sometime. I'm based in Sussex - where are you?


  • Hi Julian ,
    I live in Stourport on Severn , near Worcester I will be attending some of the haflinger club events this year even if it's not finished, I will have to be a spectator ,
    Regards Clive.
  • Hi Clive, you will be most welcome at our Club Events, there's all ways a spare seat in a Haf' for you to have a ride in but hopefully you will be attending with your finished Haflinger     Pete
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