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Nice to see more photos appearing in the Gallery, looks like there will be a few more Haflingers around on the road in the not too distant future, keep up the good work.      Pete


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    Hi Clive AKA Morgac , just seen your updated Gallery photos, have you just bought the Polycab Haf ? is it in good order ? or is it another long term project ? Iv'e all ways said you can't have too many Haf's  :)) or projects, we have that many projects its knowing which ones to work on first !  
      Regards Pete
  • Pete,

    You know you have "jinxed" the site for a while! No one is going to post anything more! Putting up photo's is one thing, posting on the discussion board is another....

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    Hi John, that's why I have changed the title to Gallery Comments so that people can comment on there own photos as well as other Forum Members commenting and it is nice to see more photos, of course I have noticed you have put some more photos on :))    Pete
  • Hi Pete,
    I bought the polycab about a year ago for spares, the body was shot, it fell in half when I lifted it from the chassis , but it had a good engine with excellent condition bores and crank, toolbox, tow bar ,battery box, and all the running gear is pretty good, but I really had it for the gearbox, I rebuilt my 4 speed box changing a lot of the bearings but it still had considerable wear on some of the shafts, so if it fails I can swap it for the 5 speed which is in good condition, When the haflinger is finished I don't want it off the road whilst I search for spare parts after a break down,
  •  You do know you can't just replace the 4 speed gearbox with a 5 speed gearbox don't you? They are slightly different lengths and even if you could, the holes in the platform wouldn't line up....

    You will need the appropriate centre drive tube as well as the 5 speed gearbox.

  • Hi John, I thought the difference in length was the spacer that fits on the bell housing , the 4 speed does not have this , I'm sure that the platform mount centres are the same , the engine on the 4 speed would be closer to the gearbox and use a different clutch, I will measure them up to make sure, I could be wrong, so thanks for pointing it out
    Regards Clive
  • There is a spacer that fits on the clutch bell housing if that's what you are referring to, but that relates to the different clutches that are fitted.

    As far as I know;

    There are 4 variations of running gear / chassis.

    Swb - 4 speed gearbox - one length of central tube (sorry, I don't have the actual figures for any of these)
    Swb - 5 speed gearbox - Shorter length of central tube due to longer 5 speed gearbox

    Lwb - 4 speed gearbox - one length of central tube
    Lwb - 5 speed gearbox - Shorter length of central tube due to longer 5 speed gearbox

    I am pretty sure the platform length isn't changed between the two SWb versions or the two LWB versions, so unless there is a spacer as you suggest, that changes the length of the gearboxes between the two.

    I think if you get the wrong central tube with the wrong gearbox you will have a discrepancy between the mounting tower points and the mounting holes in the platform. So if you are contemplating using gearboxes / central tubes from another Haflinger, better to be safe than sorry and do lots of measurements before you start assembling bits!

    When you find out the truth during your build, be sure to post the answers!

  • Hi John,
    You were right on all points , I will have to find a 5 speed SWB center tube if I need to fit the 5 speed box, That was a close one if I had tried to swap the gear box at a later date I would have found the body would not align, a lot of extra spannering.
    Cheers Clive.
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    Glad you never actually got to the point of having taken out the old gearbox, Put the new one on then lowered the body only to find you can't get at the mounting points! Now that would annoying!!! :-?

    You really would have a love / hate relationship with your Haflinger it that happened....

    Still, now you know you are forwarned to go looking for more parts - It actually is a ploy on behalf of the manufacturer to get you spend more money on parts from them - except in this case, more money to anyone else who has the required bits. :)

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    Well done John, for assisting Clive with the info'  I think that most owners have a love / hate relationship with there Haflingers and even Pinzgauers at times  :)) still its all ways a learning curve owning both types
     PS  Who said Iv'e jinxed postings, just look at how many have been posted on here.  
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