Waterproof multiway connectors

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For those who are interested.

As the dashboard on a Haflinger is generally a birds nest of wiring hidden behind the dials. For those who need to sort out issues. I thought fitting waterproof multiway plug and sockets to the main wiring loom just after it exits the metal channel on the floor would help as you could disconnect there, remove the dash completely, Fix your issue, and plug it back in again!

I haven't done all the work on this but this place (http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/42/category/7) sells various connectors. As suggested by another club member, you could put a plug and socket on the wires that go to the head lights as well.

It appears that the above company only has 6 way versions of the proper waterproof plug and sockets. I haven't counted how many wires there are in the main loom, but you could always fit two and have them fitted the opposite way round so you can mix them up!

I am sure there are other places that sell similar waterproof plug and socket units, maybe one has the correct number of connections?



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