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I am looking for seat squab for my 72 Polycab. I have a non standard drivers cushion and I would like a standard one. I am investigating having one made locally but if poss would like a Hafi one. And the clips to hold the squab in place are no longer available so does anyone have any idea where to get something that will do. I only need 5.

Nigel of York


  • Nigel,

    Are the seats the same as in the metal front version?

    Which clips are you talking about? The U shaped things that hold the front edge in place?

    There are obviously lots of places to get them from, but how about here:-

    I know these have a screw thread hole through them, but they would do the job.

  • Thanks John but I am not sure they would be a tight enough fit. As you say, someone must make something similar. Yes the seat bases are the same. There is a firm in Malton near York who can make me one, and they may also know where I can get clips that would do. Always worth asking here first, just in case.

    My haf has now changed colour. The old Hammerite has been soda blasted off and I am in the process of rubbing down. The inside of the cab looked like Xmas had come with the snow. What a mess. But the worst is over and it's all easy stuff now. Just about to order some coach paint and primer. I am pushing hard to be ready for the Treffen.

  • They are spring steel, so should work if hammered on, the box has different sizes in it so it should be possible to find a size that works.

    When you come to put the stupid rubber bands on the seat frame, (beginning to wish you hadn't sold me all those spares?) - You could always go for something like this:-

    I used the Pirrelli webbing and clips from there and it works very well. Buy more webbing then you need as you will have to experiment with the first one to get the length correct in order to stop the "sag" as the webbing stretches.

  • I actually have some new genuine ones that I bought some years ago and the spring clips so have enough to replace both seats. The frames are ok so while the cushions are off they will get repainted. Btw, both my seats fold forward. The Pirelli webbing clips might work for the seat squabs. I could close them up tight in the vice and then just tap them on.
  • I am sure I bought some of the metal "hook" things that hold the rubber bands into the holes of the seat frame from that place when I bought the Pirrelli webbing. Just had a look on the site and they only seem to show the metal wire staples for holding two layers of webbing together. Maybe you have to ask if they have the other clips?
    I know some one who uses the wire clips from the "self seal" Groolch beer type bottles to make those clips!

    I have uploaded a couple of photos to the gallery showing the Pirelli webbing I used when I did my passenger seat.

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    Hi John, thanks for posting the photos on the Gallery of the seat webbing and staples, it makes every thing a lot clearer, it just goes to show " a picture's worth a thousand words " maybe it will encourage more Forum Members to post photos to explain what they are doing on there Haflingers..... Pete
  • All the backs that I have have sleeves sewn in to the back to contain the rubber straps. That way the back can,t slip down like the one in your picture. Is that correct?
  • The original backs would have had horizontal sleeves through which you feed the rubber bands. The sleeves then stop the back from falling down. My solution was to use the seat squab designed for a wheel chair and it has two "ties" at one end so they are used to tie it to the top rail to stop it falling down. (It is also just the right length to touch the platform when the seat is down, so it wouldn't fall down even if it was tied at the top)!

    Another variation of the theme is to have the seat back made with another layer which is open at the bottom but sewn shut at the top - that way you slide the seat cover down over the back rest top rail and the rubber bands and because it is sewn shut at the top, the seat cover can't slip down.

  • Have now engaged a local classic car upholster to make me two seat squabs. He can use the innards of my tatty one, but says the rubberised horsehair stiffening is not available for the other one. He is going to use some stiff plastic sheet with foam layers. Now have to visit the bank manager for small mortgage. But at least they will look the same and the reduced height for the drivers seat will stop me banging my head on the roof, as I found out at Dersingham. The backs have cleaned up quite nicely and I now have enough proper rubber bands and clips for all the bands. I painted the frames today and it's all starting to come together. My Polycab will never be pretty but at least it will be a bit tidier.
  • Sounds like a good idea to stick some plastic sheets in amongst the foam -  hope he gets the blend correct or you will find the seats either rock hard or too soft!

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    I have a solution to you bumping your head on the roof!

    As the cab roof is fibreglass, you could cut two holes (only really need one, but two would even things up) of a suitable size just where your head normally bashes it. Then fibreglass in a couple of plastic flower pot shapes - make it look like it was a "Lego" block! If you put some flashing LED's in them as well you could have a light show as you drive along...  lol

  • Thanks John, I wonder why I never thought of that. Perhaps I couldn't get a flowerpot big enough
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