Polycab door seals

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i have just raided my grandchildrens piggy banks and bought some new door seals for my Ploycab. Having taken off the old ones they look to have been stuck in place with double sided tape. Can any one please confirm if this is what I should use, or evo stick, or what. I can see that tape could be tricky as the seal has to mate with two angles, but evo stick could be just as difficult. What's the best way?


  • My opinion for what it is worth, is that double sided tape will never hold a door seal in place for very long. Some thing like "tiger seal" would be my preferred choice.

    I dare say there are people out there who know what was used originally, but having stuck several rubber profiles to various shapes using double sided tape, even when surfaces are very clean, the tension in the rubber when it has to change angle, usually means it will slowly peel double side tape from one side or the other.

  • Thanks John. My view as well. I have used double sided tape for various domestic items but never really been ver impressed. I have never heard of tiger seal. Will have to research that. I did have some spray carpet glue once that was very good, might try that.
  • Have a look at this:-

    It's good stuff and will stick rubber seals to door frames.

  • Wow, that looks good stuff. Thanks John.
  • Just been to Halfords for some fibreglass repair stuff and found some Tiger seal on the shelf so have acquired some. They told me they have only just started to stock it so I was their first customer for it. The video is certainly impressive.
  • When you stick the rubber seal in place, try not to stretch it- very easy to do, particularly round corners. Much better to have it so it is not always trying to peal it self from the door frame.

    Foam variations of the door seal suffer from being stretched far more than solid rubber, but it is still very easy to pull on the seal to try and get it to go straight.

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