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having just cleaned off all the horrid Hammerite from my Polycab I need to seal the fibreglass and then I was going to coach paint it. I have tried several suppliers and got lots of different advice. I think I need an epoxy primer, then a high build primer and then the coach paint. Is that the right approach? And does anyone have a reliable contact for my supplies?


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    No idea if these people are just using sales talk or not, but having read the article in the link, it makes practical sense to me:-

    Then their distributors:-

    Seeing as they are from the marine world which is a much bigger market for fibre glass mouldings than the car world I am sure they have more experience.


  • Thanks John. I had already gone down the marine route but both the boatyards near to me said they couldn't supply RAL colours. In the end I found a supplier on line. I am going to use an epoxy primer that is in a spray can, then a brush coat of filler primer(high build ) and then one or possibly two coats of coach paint. I am hoping to get the cab done before the Treffen although the load bed may not get done until I get back after that. There is a lot of stuff to put back.
  • I wasn't thinking they could provide the top coat, but their expertise working with Fibre glass would mean they would know how to get the surface of your Polycab ready for what ever top coat you wanted to put on it.

    Sounds like you have a long time to get it sorted, but then the actual number of days one can spend doing such thing has a strange tendency to run out on one! 

  • Have finished applying the epoxy primer today. Hafi looks quite different in grey. High build primer tomorrow after a little light flattening. Then let it sit for a week. Top coat is being mixed for delivery next week. Will probably get the cab sorted in time for the Treffen so it will be usable, and below the platform will have to wait for later. It will never be pretty, but it will be lot tidier.
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