Finishing parts needed.

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Hi huys im this close (....) to finishing my Haffy, just need a few bits to complete so if anyone has any for sale please get in touch.

2 x headlights

2 x seats ( driver and passenger )

1 x handbrake lever

2 x side repeaters ( little round ones for side of cab )

Any of these you have for sale please get in touch. thanks. Chris.


  • Are you going to make the AGM?

    Does the above mean that your Haflinger is ready for the road bar those items? Or do you still have a lot of other things to do to make it work?

    As long as you don't change the mountings in the headlight bowls, you could fit some other modern lights whilst you continue to look for originals (which are not much good at night).

    John Bennett
    (contact me via email - should be on the membership list) 
  • Hi, sorry for the late reply, Those are the main parts required, then its as near as dammit! the last big job im on with is re-wiring the whole haffy as the original harness was chopped and cropped beyond repair, goe the rear lights, start solonoid, and dyno wired up so far, will sort the front once i aquire some headlights! Cheers for the advice!
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