Haffy Insurance

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Hi, all. Just got Haffy insured Fully Comp for the mouth watering sum of £89, @ Premier Choice. FJ insurance would do £84 but you have to wait on the line too long, to speak to a living, breathing, organism.

Hope this is helpful to someone, who like me have always had a traders policy.


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    Hi Tonkatoy, we have been with Premium Choice for years and found them very helpful even when changing vehicles, it does help when they do know what a Haflinger and even a Pinzgauer is, we have all our vehicles ( apart from the wife;s car ) insured with them. Regards Clubsec
  • Lurch uses them too - he had a great deal of difficulty talking to them so had to get me involved! Now he is covered as per the requirements of the laws of the land...

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