Club meets/off roading days?

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Hi all my name is Seth and I'm new to the forum I stumbled across the haflinger while looking at alternatives to a Land Rover! Not much use on the school run! Just wondered if you guys meet up for off roading days etc as I would like to come and see them in action in the flesh


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    Would obviously help if we knew which part of the country you are talking about

  • Hi Seth. Haffies are great for the school run, so long as the school isn't too far away! you'll certainly be the centre of attention dropping the kids off in a Haf!!
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    Hi Seth, Welcome to the Forum,  yes we do have off roading / green lane run days during the year,  look at the Events section for more info,  if you would like to join our Club then send a message on Contact Us
     Regards Clubsec   ( Admin & Club Secretary )
  • Hiya thanks for the replys guys should of added I'm based near Manchester and would think about joining your club after I've found more out about the haflinger and been to see some in action.i did see your events post after I posted this and will probably attend your next meet think it was in Yorkshire in March but I'll double check that, just feeding 6 month old baby with one hand whilst replying to your posts with the other!!!! Don't know if you have any members based in the north west maybe they will be out and about in the near future?
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    Hi Seth, well done for multi tasking  :) we do have Club Members in Manchester, Bury, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley and the rest spread across the UK, our next Event is in May in Norfolk.                            Regards  Clubsec
  • Ok thanks, if any of the guys around Manchester are heading out over next month or so are reading this I wouldn't mind coming for a nosey nothing to intrusive just have a look round one and ask a few questions just send me a message through the forum if that's ok
  • Did you ever get to see a Haflinger in the flesh? Might be that you have to make more of a effort to get to see one - they are very elusive things unless you know where to look!

  • So another Trails day happened and I took Lurch along. More interesting than other days - I am hoping for some more video taken by others to appear on social media sites as it was one of the highlights of the day (obviously)! ... 825802818/

    Unfortunately, I managed to hit the red 7 cane (going up the second slope) - so going the rest of the section was only to prove it was possible. Didn't like the side slope coming down that bit of hill which is why I was going faster than I might otherwise have done this section. Hoping to use centrifugal force to hold Lurch against the ground!

    Recovered using a strap connected to a, I think a Jeep, after being put more upright by half a dozen people all trying to prevent it falling over further.

    Had another scare earlier going over and down a steep slope where I had a couple of lads hanging off the back to stop Lurch from going ass of tit! Hoping there is some video of that.

  • Link to a video of Lurch taking part in a Trials day. one of the 10 gate sections.

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