Recovery Using Vehicles Towball

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If you take a look on ' LINKS to Other Related Web Sites ' and click on and then select the section Haflinger there is a section called The ' Off Road ' picture thread, on pages 3 & 4 there is a a thread about using the vehicles Tow Ball for recovery purposes, it makes very interesting reading and I would advise Forum Members to take a look, in a nut shell DO NOT use your vehicles standard Tow Ball for attaching a Tow Rope, either for being recovered or to recover another vehicle, Regards Pete


  • I think most of the real issue is aimed at using a "snatch" recovery rope which is elastic and it suddenly increases the stresses significantly. A "normal" non-stretch tow rope where the stresses increase slowly should not pose the same problems to the same magnitude. 

    It also has matters hugely how "stuck" the vehicle being recovered is.

    I agree that in certain circumstances you are "loading a gun" if you use the tow ball as a convenient place to attach your recovery system to.

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