Where is the VIN plate to be found?

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I'm hoping that there is a straightforward answer to this search for the VIN plate. Of all the vehicles I've owned. The VIN Plate was in either door way on the door post or step. I have searched the inside, outside and undernieth the vehicle, but nowhere to be found. My thinking is that since it was converted into a motorhome (from new) that it may have been covered over with insolation, furnishings or carpet.
Any suggestions of its possible location? I notice the Log book say unladen weight states 4 ton. What will the gross vehicle weight (MAM) be? I think I need to get the vehicle on a weigh bridge, and check it with tanks full, fresh water tanks and grey tank. LPG, I will try to run with a full fuel diesel tank until I can trust the fuel gauge. My experience of camper vans and motorhomes is they are usually very close to the maximum legal weight when loaded with supplies and passengers. Is there a way to increase the weight classification? or I may need to consider towing a trailer for longer adventures. Without finding the VIN I'm struggling to deduce what I can carry and tow legally. Can you advise me on any of the above? Thanks in advance.


  • I believe the VIN plate on Pinz is on the central tube. but as I don't own one, I can say for sure!

  • The vin plate is riveted to the right side of the tunnel that goes from the radiator to the engine bay, it is under the grey leather cover just below the dash by your left leg when you're sat in the seat, The vin number is also stamped into the right side of the chassis tube behind the front diff.
    Hope this helps. Nigel.
  • Thanks, I've located it, just where you said it would be under the grey engine bay cover. Onething about these covers is it keeps the tunnel and acess lids in pristine condition for a work truck.
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