Zenith Carb manifold wanted

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I have managed to break pre-heat pipe on Lurch as I drove back from Holland the other weekend. It has broken right at the joint to the square manifold / Carb mounting block. It does not look like it is going to be an easy repair as the original pipes are brazed in and if I heat the area enough to melt new braze it, it is likely that it will loosen the other pipe next to it and possibly change angles etc.

SoI thought I would aslk if anyone has a spare Carb manifold for sale? I actually have 2 spares, but they are for the Solex Carb and so won't be usable with the Zenith Carb fitted to Lurch.

Let me know please.



  •  Hi John,if yours is a twin choke Zenith Carb then we have a spare manifold.  Pete
  • Yes, the twin choke Zenith 32NDIX carb.

    I am in the process of trying to repair the original broken one, but just in case I can't get the braze to work correctly. I am going to try an braze a short section of new pipe into the Carb mounting block without melting the braze holding the other pipe which is just next to it.

    If that fails or becomes such a mess - I'll come back to you regarding your spare - so don't get rid of it just yet!!!


  • No probs John, good look with the brazing,   Pete
  • Having asked the question of a near by Haflinger owner regarding the use of his oxy/acetylene kit and being told that it would be available over this weekend, I bit the bullet and removed the carb manifold. Cleaned up the bit of old broken pipe on the Carb mounting block and cut a piece of 25mm steel pipe to braze in.

    New pipe stub.jpg
    New pipe stub.jpg [ 511.44 KiB | Viewed 1 time ] 

    All shiny ready to be brazed in.

    Sunday saw me turn up and after a while playing with braze I had this to show for it.

    new pipe brazed in.jpg
    new pipe brazed in.jpg [ 332.28 KiB | Not viewed yet ] 

    Only when it had cooled down and I could trial fit it did I find out it had moved! Having been a bit over enthusiastic about adding the braze I didn't think it would be very easy to get it to line up again with out applying a lot more heat which might mean the other pipe might move. So I set about about addign another section of pipe at an angle to get it all line up. As the gap between the to pipes was now very narrow I could not weld on that side of the pipe. Solution was to cut a big enough hole to allow welding on the inside of the pipe. (picture shows the access hole).

    One of many trial fits.jpg
    One of many trial fits.jpg [ 212.82 KiB | Viewed 1 time ] 

    One of many trial fits.

    Other than having run out of argon gas, so I can't finish all the welds off, it all lines up but we'll see if it works correctly when I put the governor system back on. It uses that pipe as a stop and now that it is at an angle, I might have to reset things.

    More photos when I get more gas and can finish the welding.

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