Lurch went to a night Trials

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see bits of video here:- ( I have removed the Http://www. bit to see if they will load now. John)

and here:-

Missed a gate in each section but then it is more difficult in the dark.



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    Appears you can't load youtube video by pasting the whole link in your post so i have removed the "http://www." bit. so you will have to copy the link, paste it in your browsers address bar and add the missing bit or maybe it will find it if you just paste it in the search box of your browser?

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    Hi John, pasted link into my browsers search box, works ok, also gone on Youtube, type in Butcher Wood 13 August 10216 this also brings up your Vid' Regards Pete
  • Should now work if you search for "Butchers wood August 2016" on Youtube.

    I think my biggest problem is I am not confident enough in the capabilities of the Haflinger when dealing with side slopes which scare me silly with the thought of rolling the Haf! Straight down is not much better as being a "cab over" design, you go down with the front before anything else and it gives you the feeling of the rear end coming over the top and ending up on your head!

    Going straight up is probably the easiest unless you don't make it and then have to reverse back down the hill, especially if there is a bend in you route up!

    Any one got any tips?

  • Took Lurch to another Trials meeting last Sunday. Video of the easiest section of the day:-

    Will need to re-think the cover on the back if I continue to do these trials as I keep putting holes in it!

  • Hi John, nice video, as to the back of Lurch, do you only carry camping gear in the back ? or do you carry other stuff that you need to keep dry when not camping ? if its just when camping have you considered a large detachable box of some sort, just a thought.  Regards Pete
  • Lurch lives outside and the full length rear cover does mean that the whole platform stays dry. Bonus that I can put things in the back and have them kept dry - That doesn't work at present as there are holes in the cover since the weekend!
    Branches and trees that you scrape along are very good at putting holes in things, particularly tarpaulins!!

    So I am going to re-think the cover and maybe produce a half height plywood topped cover that can expand up to full height when needed.

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    Hi John, pesky things Trees & Branches :) Look forward to seeing your new rear cover...... Pete
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