Polycab window rubbers

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I am still looking for a scrap Polycab to buy. I particularly want the moulded window rubbers so if anyone has either new (fat chance) or undamaged used I would be interested. I particularly need the drivers side (rh) moulding. My inserts and the runner channel are ok, it's the rubber that has gone.
Nigel (of York)


  • Hi Nigel,
    I have a polycab that I am due to sell soon. Not in 100% condition, but not really scrap either :) . Not sure how good the windows / rubbers are though, but can check if interested. (It is currently stored on a not-very-easy-to-access mezzanine...

    W Sussex
  • I suppose you have tried Haflingertechnik? Or maybe one of the European suppliers? The only other way would be to see what sort of profile the rubber has and then to buy something similar from somewhere like Baines rubber suppliers in Tunbridgewells and use a glue like superglue to join the ends together.

    Another way would be to mould your own! You can buy a two part liquid rubber solution so you make a plaster of Paris mould of one side and then of the other side, You then coat the inside of teh mould with a release agent like silicon grease. Make some holes so you can pour the rubber liquid in when you put the two mould sections together.

  • Herewith a photo on my spare polycab
    a.jpg 235.9K
  • Have spoken to Julian and we are in discussion but would still be interested if anyone has any Polycab spares and in particular the door window rubbers.
  • Nigel,

    This place apparently has the window rubbers, but I don't know if it is just the profile in a long length or the correctly molded shape.

    If you can get away with just the profile in a long length and some superglue to cut and join for the corners etc, I know a place which probably has the profile. I would need either a slice of the original or a full scale drawing to be able to check.

  • John, I already bought the rubbers from autoquariat and the profile is ok but it is a straight length, not a moulded piece like the original. I did get the very sharp modelling knife out and have modified so it does fit better. However, I also have a spare cab now and when I get the time will swap over the rubbers.
    Thanks for the suggestions though.
  • Question asked on another forum;

    How do you go about putting the perspex / glass into a polycab door? Perspex / glass into the rubber and then rope to ease it into the frame or rubber in first and then try and get perspex / glass in?
    As I don't have a Polycab, I can't answer from experience, but can ask the question(s) in the various places where there is likely to be an answer!

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