Adding brake booster to a Haflnger.

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At the moment all I have is the brake booster unit which came from Haflinger utilities version. So I have the choice still to make as to how to produce the vacuum - I suppose I need to do a bit more research into the Pros and Cons of each!

Most reliable would probably be to drill a hole in the inlet manifold - but - I presume as near the middle of the two inlet tracts, i.e. in to the carb mounting block. This could then be tapped and a suitable hollow stud screwed in to which the vacuum pipe would be fixed. Would this provide enough vacuum? I assume so as I think that is how the Haflinger Utility vehicles had it done.
Electric pump would obviously provide a more stable vacuum, I wonder what sort of amperage the pump requires. Other questions are what value does the pump need to be capable of delivering?

Still have to work out how to mount the brake booster - I need to have another closer look at the pictures in the parts book.

Any ideas, comments welcome!

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