Dersingham April 2017

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With the Dersingham weekend looming on the horizon and various other long trips planned, I was carrying out some routine maintenance on Lurch. Discovered under a layer of mud and stuff that a section of the front footwell was paper thin in places and "holey" in others.

Off with the front Diff guard and light tapping with a screwdriver on the loose paint produced an even bigger hole - Just remember people, if you can deal with rust issues when you first see them, you have a better chance of solving the issue before resorting to cutting and welding!

So, mark out a suitably sized section to cut out with the angle grinder. Then discover that the bottom edge of the accelerator rod cover was also in need of attention. Slightly bigger hole made of the outside allowed me to cut and weld in a replacement section on the accelerator rod cover. Next to bend up a suitable section to replace the footwell bit. A block of Oak with a suitable channel cut in it allows you to shape the ribbing into your replacement piece of metal.

Welded that section in. My welding is not beautiful, but at least it is functional and that bit isn't going to fall off!

All back together and maintenance tasks done, the next weekend was Dersingham. All my plans for going up early Saturday morning went out the window as I was required to babysit my grandson until lunchtime.
Setting off just after lunch hit the first snag - Virgin Media are putting fibre in round the neighbourhood and so roads closed while they lay it across the road. Different route out of Lewes it is then.
Less then ten miles out and I hear a "clang". Lurch does not appear to be behaving any different so it can't have been that important, anyway I stop in the next layby several miles further on and go round Lurch looking for what it could have been - Ah Ha! The battery box lid has fallen off! It's a homemade wooden affair made by the previous owners. Not critical, so bit of wire to make sure teh battery can't fall out and off we go again.
Get to London and decide to go via the woolwich ferry, only to find out that there is only one running.... Takes much long to do the crossing.

Miss the turning for the A11 and decide to go on to the A10 rather than turn round. More time added to the journey, but that's not a problem. Going up the A10 I notice the oil pressure gauge has gone nuts and is flickering between zero and one hundred PSI. Stop on the hard shoulder and check the oil level. That's fine, so looks like it is the sender or the gauge that is playing up. Drive on. Now I am stopping every 20 odd mile to check on the oil level to make sure it is still okay. No change just a mad gauge!
On one of the stops, I look at how close the senders electrical connection is to the bodywork, put a piece of cardboard in between and it seems to have cured the issue. (fingers crossed).

So I finally arrive at Dersingham after everyone else has already eaten, but luckily Nigel had let the kitchen know I was on my way and would be late, so they had food available for me when I arrived!

Put up the tent in the dark, but that's not a big issue, I've put this tent up before!

Next morning, have to get fuel and then we are ready for the day's driving around green lanes and other single lane roads. Hopefully someone else will bother to write something up relating to that part of the week end.
Major highlight, at the end of the run on the way home, John's Pinzgauer started running rough and it smoking a lot. Limping back to the campsite, it is diagnosed as a faulty injector.

This is going to fun! He does not have any breakdown recovery, so now he needs to get home via trains, strip parts from a spare engine and then get back to the campsite to fit and test.

I had brought a spare gearbox (old and in need of a rebuild) up with me as Alf had kindly offered to look at it for me. So on Monday morning I pack up and head homeward. I stopped at Alf's on the way down as it is on the route I take. A cup of coffee and brunch later I set again for home. Other than the missing battery box cover (which I found at he side of the road teh next weekend when I went looking for it) and the nuts oil pressure gauge it was a good weekend.

(& Lurch)
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