Brake pipe routing

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Hi Guys, I need to know how the brake pipe is routed as it enters the vehicle to get to the master cylinder , I am assuming it enters through the grommet below the steering box pitman arm , if this is the case is it routed above or below the clutch conduit , at the moment mine is routed below the conduit and could get damaged by rocks, as it is not protected by the skid plate. A photo would be great 


  • The brake pipe comes out via the same hole as the clutch cable as you have posted. It runs along the rear side of the footwell so is protected by that rather than the skid plate / Diff protector. If you are envisaging using the Haflinger as a rock crawler, I think you have chosen the wrong vehicle! With such small wheels and therefore limited ground clearance it will never go over "big" rocks, like something with 35 inch wheels!

    In "normal" use - including off road use, you are very unlikely to get something that hits that part of the brake line without it doing serious damage to something else at the same time. So, personally, I don't see that it matters if it is above or below, but if I were putting it in. I would route it above the clutch cable

    If you are that worried about that brake pipe section getting damaged, how come you are not worried about the sections of brake hose going to the wheel cylinders - they are far more likely to get damaged going off road than the section that is 18 to 20 inches off the ground behind the footwell.

    Which ever way you route it, I am sure it will be fine. The Brakes will still work and you can always make a special "Brake pipe protector" plate!

  • Hi John, I see your point , just wanted to route the pipe in the correct place, its been 6 years since i stripped it down and didn't have a photo of that bit, i will get the pipe on and take it for the MOT, it was the last bit , Cheers for the comments
    Regards Clive.
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