Polycab canvas

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Just an update. Some of you will know that I managed to purchase a 'new' canvas for my Polycab. Sold as new, still in wrapper. However that appears not to have been quite true. I was a bit suspicious when I noticed several wearmarks on the canvas, some of the buckles were rusty and one or two rivets were missing, not to mention that it seemed just a little bit too big for my frame. At Dersingham I got lots of advice mainly suggesting that if I soaked it in a barrel of water it would shrink. Subsequently at the Treffen Dale suggested it was a lwb that had been cut down, which is what it seems it is. Have now detached the front band that attaches to the cab and marked on the rear portion where it needs to be reaffixed. A firm in Malton have done this and made a fine job. Having reattached the hood it now fits properly with the rubber hoops now aligned with the metal hooks. So job done and it all looks good. And after all that it is still a lot cheaper than having one made.


  • Glad you have got it sorted to your satisfaction. I am still "experimenting" with my one!

  • I _think_ I have a good condition LWB Polycab canvas somewhere in the shed if anyone wants to make me an offer. Not a cheap item though...
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