New haflinger canvas

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Hi Folks, have any of you had a new haflinger canvas made,I need one for a short wheel base steel front, I have a pattern, although it has quite a few holes in it , I would prefer to have one made but if I can't find anyone I am considering buying a second hand industrial moving foot sewing machine and having a go .


  • There is a place down here in East Sussex which makes covers for 4x4, boats, cabrio's etc. When I asked them a couple of years ago about a canvas top for my LWB, they said it would be in the region of £1000 to £1500.

    They are for sale in Europe. I suspect the price will be similar.

  • I used a few years ago to make a short (cab) canvas & doors for my Haflinger. Not especially cheap, but they did a superb job. Ask for Kim.
  • Thanks for the advice and comments, I will get in touch with allwheeltrim
    Cheers, I will let you know how I get on 
    Regards Clive
  • In the end i made it myself, Im quite pleased on the results , I have completed the doors as well now , they were the most difficult bit 
  • With the doors finished
  • Well done!

    Looks good. Do you want to to make a LWB version now?  :)

  • That all looks fantastic - well done!
  • WOW !! Very well done looks as good as the factory original   Pete
  • Very nice indeed. Kim at AllWheelTrim near Oxford said he had done a Haflinger, it must have been Huflinger's. He did mine too. Photos in the gallery under my name. 
  • Hi , Looks like a real nice job, is it made from canvas or mohair, great colour as well, I think i tried to get a quote from all wheel trim, but I had no response, I remember the guys name Kim, but I may be wrong. I like the full length lift up sides.
  • Inner roof liner for storing the doors out of the way when not in use, got to do something when on lockdown.

  • Hi Morgac it's mohair. I like that inner roof lining of yours, great idea and the back seats look great too. I was looking for one second hand back seat but since I've been driving around a lot I've opened up a whole bunch of oil leaks. Looks like they are going to be top of the repair list for quite some time. 
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