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We all like to see photos of Haflingers and Pinzgauers, If you post photos in the Gallery..... please add a note in this section      

Its not a race but heinkeljb ( Lurch ) and Tonkatoy are the two Members who post the most photos,  At the moment Tonkatoy has. Latest.... 70
 heinkeljb ( Lurch ) has. Latest.... 63


  • Added some photos of Percy Pinzgauer - 1978 710k ex Austrian Mountain Rescue
  • Hi.  Welcome to the Forum, nice looking Pinz, whats with the wiring on the last photo ?  Regards Clubsec... Admin
  • Hi there I had the rear bumpers and light clusters off whilst I was restoring the body - ended up renewing the wiring loom where it had perished so the photo was one from when it was a work in progress! Like all pinzgauers, it’s still a work in progress...
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