Gearbox Oil

Hi guys , what oil are you using in the gearbox (UK weather), the manual states SAE 90, I have been using 80w90 GL5, lately the layshaft is getting noisy and I read that the EP oils can harm the older gearboxes with phosphors bronze bushes, any thoughts ?


  • Use an older SAE 80 if you can find it or a 80W90 GL4 - as the problem really is that there is a ton of posts out there which say that the GL5 with all it's "new" additives can damage the bushes in the gearbox, but I have never actually seen a gearbox or even pictures of a gearbox which has damage even attributed to the version of oil being used in it!
    So, it could be that the people to whom this damaged has occurred, just went ahead and rebuilt their gearboxes and just posted the statements after the fact. Or that they did not know what had caused their problems and just blamed the oil..... Who knows?

    Play it safe and use a GL4 version!

  • Cheers Jon GL4 it is and hope it makes the layshaft quieter or gearbox out time , again.
  • Check oil level, quality of the torque tube and the front Diff as both of these can make horrible noises in the cab.
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