Future of the Club Magazine

Nigel, it was with some sadness (but not too much surprise) to read about your thoughts on the future of the magazine. You asked for some views...

I don't do Facebook (indeed I loathe it with a passion), and these forums are not as active as they might be. (I am as guilty as anyone for that). But I'd very much like to have an annual magazine.

Running a club magazine has always been my idea of Hard Work, so I salute you for having done it for the past years. I am sure the silent majority are grateful to you also.



  • Hi Julian, On behalf of My Self and my Brother Nigel, thank you for your reply. at the moment including your self we have had only 3 replies, still waiting for more, At least with an annual we should have enough articles etc to fill it.  Best Regards  Pete & Nigel
  • How about cutting the magazine down to an A5 size of only a couple of sheets, i.e. 6 pages - the current glossy thing can not be supported by the current membership numbers. As you all know, only a very small fraction of your membership will ever sendanythig in to a magazine, but are quite happy to read it. The change in size and content of the magazine would also allow for a drop in membership fees which might with some advertising boost membership numbers.

  • Hi Nigel,
    I love getting the magazine  but understand your problem with content, I suspect I will never get the haffi that I dream of so I am unlikely to contribute.
    Annually would do for me or as suggested above A5.

  • Hi Mark, Thank you for your post, we did send a note out about the problems with getting people to send in articles etc, and putting forward the idea of an Annual, we also asked for comments and suggestions etc, however only a few Members replied infact including you only 5, so as the Magazine can not continue we are going ahead with the Annual which will go out at the same time as the Club Calendar   Regards  Pete Elliott  Club Secretary and Forum Admin
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