From Volvo C202 Laplander to Haflinger.

Hello. I,m a new member and live between Portsmouth and Southampton. I recently purchased a polycab 1967 Haflinger in a sorry state. I am in the process of stripping it down. Very rusty flat bed but got the engine running before removal. The Haflinger is not registered and had been originally used on a Scottish Grouse moor estate. Probably you may have seen it on Ebay. Turns out to be 1967 on the cusp of Mk1 to Mk2 hence some of each parts fitted.
I am used to challanges but often require some helpful advice , hence joining the forum.
Amongst other vehicles, I have successfully restored my present truck. Its a 1978 Volvo C202 Laplander. See pictures, with the 1950's British Anzani LawnRider in the back, Sadly looking at Haflinger spares prices, it may be that I have to let the Laplander go to help finance the Haflinger rebuild. I am thinking of changing the polycab to the smaller open type metal cab with metal frame windscreen, any comments welcome. Thanks in anticipation.


  • Nice Laplander!

  • Thanks for that comment on the Laplander. With a 2 year nightmare rebuild, it has given me great pleasure the last 3 years driving around. Beware that E,bay Barn find advert " stored for 25 years" and then the realisation that it had been stored in a field for that time! Windscreen leaked with dash and everything else below it rotted out. Well grovelling around in Swedish scrapyards for a gearbox and transfer box ETC, was to say the least , interesting. Amongst other things, Wiring was a challange, with all the wires the same colour but marked with a corroded unreadable tag. Anyway got there in the end.
    In my thirst for information about my next project, the Haflinger, I have also joined forum. Is it ok to copy my previous post straight to that site? or is that not forum etiquette?
    Regards, Jeff.
  • Most people who use forums are on several, this gives them the maximum number of inputs to their issues. Every forum has it's total membership and out of that, there are a small proportion that are active and that can provide help.
    The biggest problem with being a member of several forums and posting the same message on all of them, is that it might be answered on one forum and although the same people are on other forums, they are not going to answer the same question again by the same person again just because it is on another forum. So just be mindful that your questions might have been answered on another forum.

  • Good advice John, and Tajman you are welcome to post your message on Forum if you wish   Regards clubsec  Forum Admin
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