Hi, i own a Pinz 710 and also a campervan. I wanted to be able to tow and use the campervan with the pinzgauer. I have sourced a plate and towing hitch to fit the pinz and also a 12v/24v light board i could attach to the campervan. I was wondering if anyone knows what the wiring from the pinzgauer into the 7 pin socket would be? I’m hoping because i am going to be using a 24v trailer light board that it will be a straight forward wiring in. If it is not quite as straight forward as i’m hoping would you let me know. Best regards Kevin


  • Sorry that should be trailer tent rather than campervan
  • The Internet should be able to provide a wiring diagram for a 24 volt towing socket. It would then just be a question of identifying the correct cables on the Pinz. If you are putting 24 volt lights in the lighting board then you won't have to do anything strange like putting a 24 to 12 volt adaptor in line.

  • Thanks John
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