• Hello everybody i am now the custodian of this machine. I wanted to enjoy one of these for a long time and luckily this one came up for sale. I was told it had been stored for 18 months and have been able to give it a run out today for the first time. I changed most of the  engine service parts last evening. The exhaust is shot so its pretty loud running at the moment and the brakes need a good overhaul - the handbrake works ok but the brake pedal does not return or activate the brakes. Once the engine warms up it runs well and needs some patience getting started and left to idle for a few minutes. The body has been restored and i have been given a large file of photos of the work and history. The engine is due for a tidy up but i will enjoy it as is for now. I am based in north Hertfordshire are there any other Haflingers around this area. best wishes Dave
  • Enjoy your new Haflinger - Hopefully, you will be able to get out and about in it relatively soon. What do you think your main use of it is going to be? They don't compare very well against modern cars on the road as they are slow. They work very well off road, but you have to have access to somewhere like that to make it a normal occurrence.
    Brakes are not their strongest point. Probably what has happened is that someone has stamped on the pedal and pushed the piston all the way down the bore and it is now stuck - pedal would be all loose. There is a spring which is connected to the lever system down between the steering saddle and the bodywork, which is supposed to help bring the pedal back up.
    Best take off all the hubs and have a look at all the wheel cylinders and shoes.

  • Hi John thank you for your post- I enjoy the slower pace of this vehicle we have nice lanes near us and can pootle around these on a sunny day, i have access to some off road tracks too with some light off road driving and enjoy basically just hanging out in the countryside. the brake pedal does not return after being pressed and it stiff in action. i can pump it by hand and hear a pumping noise form the wheels. i can see a spring directly connected to the rear of the pedal is the one you describe ? there is an identical spring connected to the clutch pedal next to it and fixed to the same point? i have remove the wheels and inspect. Kind regards Dave
  • The two springs are correct. Either the pivot point of the pedal is stiff or the linkage as pedal should return under that spring power, along with the return pressure from the wheel cylinders. It is possible you have flexible hoses that have frayed internally and which are now acting as one way valves. This would show up as wheels remaining locked or at least harder to turn than they should, but on a Haf this is very hard to tell due to the fact the transmission makes the wheels very hard to turn in any case!
    I don't think there is any quick cure for your issue other than stripping the whole brake system and making sure everything is correct / replacing slightly suspect things.
    Brakes being a major safety item, it would be better to not skimp on getting them sorted correctly. Wouldn't pass an MOT with the pedal like it is, so it needs sorting in order to make the Haf "Roadworthy".

  • thank you John i will investigate as suggested best wishes Dave
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