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Hi all, just became a member of the group so thanks for accepting me first of all. I live in rural west Perthshire, Scotland and have a keen interest in Steyr-Puch vehicles and currently have a collection of four g-wagens which I use on the farm for various work. One of which is under restoration just now. 

Been looking for a Haflinger for a while now and have found one to view. Problem is the lockdown is holding me back! I know my g-wagens inside out but have a very limited knowledge of Haflinger/Pinzgauer. The Haflinger in question is a 703AP. Transmission is a 1974 but the body is a 1962 single cab with a pickup body.

It would be used for a variety of work on the farm especially up the hills where the g-wagens are too heavy to go; but I’d also like to be able to take it to the local village five miles away down a single track road on occasion. 

Thanks again and look forward to your sound advice. 




  • First off, welcome to the world of Haflingers.

    Be aware that they require far more maintenance than a G! Just for starters they have a 1200 mile oil change interval - but that is to be expected given the small amount of oil in the sump. They also have several rather strange design issues relating to normal running maintenance. Even given these issues, they are great fun to own and drive. Whether they will go places a G won't go is probably more down to the drivers skill than the ability of the vehicles.

    A lot of Haflingers have been "altered" in one way or another over the years, so having a 1962 platform on a 1973/4 running gear is nothing unusual. Just might make ordering spares a bit awkward if you have to get something which differs between 1962 and 1973/4. As long as you know there are differences and you are happy to fit what ever parts you can get hold of to do the job, then you will be fine.

    Oh and did anybody tell you they are slow compared to a G? If fact they are slow compared to most vehicles on the road nowadays! It's quite fun to overtake bicycles and tractors occasionally! LOL!!

  • Thanks for the reply John. Very useful information there. Are there service/owner materials available through the club or anywhere else? That kind of material would be invaluable. 

    I appreciate the advice. Looking to get stuck right into it as long as a deal can be reached. And yes I guessed they are definitely not built for speed! 

    Is there anything particularly to be aware of on a 703 chassis?


  • The platforms are only single skin steel so RUST just about everywhere! Probably main places are front foot well, rear seat foot wells, side rails and the out rigger.
    Service parts / spares can be bought from Haflingertechnik or various European suppliers - As a lot of stuff is now re-manufactured you are paying the price of small batch products at current labour / material rates, so quite expensive.
    The club has various "special tools" which can be hired to do certain jobs if required.
    Purchase the Workshop manual, Exploded pictures parts book and the operators manual from Haflingertechnik as they will go a long way to explain some of the strange ways Steyr Puch did things. Don't expect "Hayne's Manual" style / depth of explanation.  These items were meant for people who went to the factory to do courses on maintenance / repair of Haflingers.

    As the running gear is apparently from the latest versions that were produced is should have the high speed gears in the hubs (High speed is relative)! This should mean that you could cruise on a nice flat straight road at about 40 ~ 45 if you can stand it. Average speed probably about 38/39 mph. The geared maximum is 47mph so as you can see, you are revving the engine quite near the red line. They don't appear to mind this as long as you keep on top of the service stuff, like oil changes / filter changes etc.

    I drive mine to various meetings during a normal year, including Holland which, this year (next year now) would be something like a 1000 mile round trip over 4 days.

  • Hi, all the service manuals can be downloaded from here
    Enjoy your Haflinger they are awesome fun .
  • Thanks gents appreciate the help. Learning all the time!
  • Just remember those manuals are for early models (so your platform, possibly your electrics) - Dales reproductions are of a later manual so have some different info in them.

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