What's This For?

I can't figure out what the small piece of pipe is for (see photo). Anyone smart enough to advise the purpose of it? 


  • I'll hazard a guess that it is a hinge tube for the rear doors, need another photo from a little further away to be sure.

  • Photo of the driver's side.
  • Okay,
    Now I know what it is for! It it for the top part of the hoop just behind the driver as that comes off and you can store it by putting the narrowed ends of the hoop into those little bits of tube. You end up with the hoop being just taller than the seats.
    This was done so you could fold the windscreen down, take the hoop off and store it and now drive under low branches etc.

  • Amazing. Thanks so much. They really were thinking practical thoughts when they designed these things  :-)
  • Later model  hoops did not come apart and are made of much thicker diameter tube -stronger than a design that comes apart. Still unless you are being ambitious you shouldn't roll a Haf - tip it on its side maybe.
  • OK so anybody know the purpose of this feature that's just below the handle that locks the windscreen into place (Passenger side shown in the picture). 
  • Hi I think this bracket is where the strap that stops the door flying open to far attaches, well that's what i used it for  :)
  • Number 14 fits in it 
  • That's what it is for. Door strap holder.

  • Thanks guys, another missing item :-)
    Not so important to day to day use though, happily.
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