Distributor Overhaul

Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any experience of taking the distributor apart?
I'm trying to decide whether I can do an overhaul of the haff's distributor without removing it from the engine. I'm a bit nervous that if I pull it out I'll never get it on the right drive tooth or something will be impossible when I try to put it back in :-)


  • Hi, I would take the distributor out to do any work on it , if you follow the manual it has alignment marks when replacing it , so you can set the timing, once you've done it once its straight forward, good luck . Take a photo before you remove it, with the cap removed .
  • Remove the rotor arm and use either paint or marker pen to to make a mark on the cam, the points mounting plate and the body of the distributor so you can line them all back up again when refitting.
  • Thanks guys :-)
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