718 vector

Just bought one of these. Lots of issues. My request is for an electrical diagram if anyone has one. I am after one for the vector but a 718 may be similar.



  • Hi Steve,what issues do you have,these vehicles have been stood a very long time,based on euro 3,
  • 1. Starter is knackered. It's also a pain to remove as there is an engines mount directly behind it.
    2. It's full of water inside
    3. The glow plug relay seems knackered as it ticks rather than coming on and off.
    4. I tried a starter pack on the vehicle batteries (which are dead) now have no dash lights. I think the starter pack was faulty. Blew 2 fuses the same time as light went out. 
    I have 2 new batteries on the vehicle side. 

    Need to get stuck into the problems but it's easier to fault find with a wiring diagram. I don't know which fuses are for the vehicle and which are for the ffr ststem. There are about 30 behind the passenger seat so might start there.
    It must of been stood most of its life its done 1100 miles. 

  • Vehicle is 24 volt,but engine electrics are 12 volt,except starter and alternator,I have some literature on the 716mk model will check it out,may be of help!.
  • Anything you have is greatly received. I am going to have Christmas day off then start going through everything tomorrow. If there is a 24v to 12v transformer or fuse from it. that may be where my problem is as I have no vehicle electrics although starter tries and some lights work.

    Merry christmas
  • Hi Steve,have checked,I have diagrams,of power distribution board and engine management system,do not know if they are the same as 716mk!. although they must be similar systems,where abouts are you,?,I am in Wiltshire, Royal Wootton Bassett,distribution board is on big printed circuit board,they are available,there is a separate  battery charger,which charges the 1 12volt battery which runs the 12 volts,again may be similar, Ashley.
  • Hi swansong, I am in Rugeley Staffordshire. I have had 3 hours on it today. I have basically gone through the vehicle 12v and 24v side and tried to strip clean and wd40 connections. I am not blowing fuses and have dash lights again. There are loads of things not working but for now going to concentrate on getting it running. I don't know if you can photo the diagrams you have and either post or message me. A lot happier than I was. If I can get the starter repaired soon hopefully get it running. 

    Thanks again
  • Hi,are you on what's app,?.
  • Sent you a pm

  • I do not do Facebook.
  • Hi Steve please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on, thank you Ashley.
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