Pinzgauer 718 MOT

Having some difficulty MOT testring a 718, HGV test centre says not an HGV, class 4 test centre say too heavy for class 4.
Any advice welcome


  • Any MOT centre that does class 7 should be able to MOT a 718 unless it weighs more than 3, 500 KG in which case an HGV centre would have to do it.
    Who did it previously? You could look up what classes that centre does and find one near you that does the same.
  • Hi John
    It's fresh from the MOD so not registered or mot'd yet.  Had it booked in at HGV test centre yesterday but they said it's not a 'goods' vehicle so would not test it.  Just wondering what other owners have done to get theirs on the road?
  • There are some people on here that have 718's, I run a Haflinger. They hopefully with be along to answer your questions shortly. As you will have gathered, this is not the worlds busiest site. Haflingers and Pinzgauers are a relatively niche market and so the number of people who own them is quite small compared to other makes. That also mean that the number of people who are active on any given forum is quite small. 
    Having said that, those that are active are welcoming and helpful - So keep checking, some one will answer.

  • I spoke to dvsa it is definitely a hgv needs a 1st not test booking. Form VTG1 which you nominate test station and send back to dvsa. Will be a private HGV hence no tachograph required.

    What I will be trying is,

    1 insure it.
    2 as three Axel's think it needs to have decelerometer brake test not on rollers. Hence need to confirm that test station have decelerometer. I think most will.
    3 fill out VTG1 and send to dvsa with cheque.
    4 attend test station.
    5 then fill out form to get it road registered. Sorry don't have details for that yet. Think it's a DVLA form.

  • What a pain in the proverbial! You would have thought that there was a simple way to get Ex-Military vehicles setup for civilian life as it not exactly infrequent from DVLA's point of view, although it is probably a very small percentage of the huge civilian vehicle population.
    Still as long a you can get all the right forms done, the actual MOT shouldn't be to hard to pass.

  • Well here's an update - Three failed attempts where test centre's said they could do it - then saw it and refused, 2 class 4 and one HGV.
    Now one of the class 4 test centres we tried has had their DVSA guy visit, and he has confirmed they can MOT is on a class 4, there is a special category apparently... watch this space.
  • You would have thought the MOT stations would be able to look up on a web site or help page or even make a phone call when they have a query regarding an MOT related issue. Even if that means - only email - at least they should be able to ask instead of waiting for a man to arrive and tell them!

    Hope it goes well.

  • Hi ScrumpyJack & Jon718, on FaceBook have you tried joining Pinzgauer Vector 6x6 owners i'm sure you will find some answers to your MOT problems there,  Regards clubsec  Forum Admin
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