Ignition Timing

Hi Guys, Early Haflinger with mark 1 distributor. Should I set the timing at 2mm before top as quoted in early manuals, or 4-7mm as quoted in later manuals? 


  • Do you have an early engine? If yes, you are likely to have an early Cam shaft and the combination of early Cam shaft and early distributor would mean using the 2mm BTC.
    Conversely, if you have a later engine - quite possible, you are likely to have a later Cam shaft (4 or a 5), in which case the engine will probably run best with timing 4 to 7mm TDC, but in any case you should adjust the timing dynamically to get he engine running at its smoothest once it is hot.

    Start off with 2mm to 4mm and get he engine to run, then adjust things.

    Just my thoughts, others might have different ideas.

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