Seal of shaft from clutch into gearbox.

Hi all,
i seem to be getting a bit too much dripping from the bottom of the bell housing.
I looked at the parts diagram but could not identify what is used to seal this input shaft as it enters the gearbox.  Does anyone know if it is a standard seal or a haffy special?
Can the seal be replaced without splitting the box or anything too drastic. :)

The rear engine seal should be good but I'll check again when I split the engine from the Bell housing.
Thanks, J.


  • You need to know which gearbox you have.

    If you look in the parts manual section 2 09/2 (gearbox internals) then Item 64 - part number: 501.1.2202 = BAS 36/20/6 Oil seal. (This is the early gearbox) 
    Later gearbox part number: 902.3808 = BAS 36/20/8

  • Thanks John. Thank makes sense.
    It is a 4 Spd box so is it fair to assume its the early box type or is there a known way to identify them? :) On the top of the casing if stamped 4111 for the rear part and 2512 for the front part of the gearbox.  J.
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