I require some guidance on the provision of a windscreen washer bottle, associated pipes etc on a Haflinger that has no parts for this on it. A complete universal system can be bought on ebay but I need some expert help!. Or do I run without?


  • My spelling went adrift on the title!!!!
  • What sort of universal system are you looking at? Paste a link. The washer system on a Haf is not complicated. The original had a soft water bottle hooked on two hooks on the outer skin of the parcel shelf area. The pipe then went to a push button with a one way valve in it, which when pushed forced water to a central nozzle with two jets, one for each windscreen.
    So if you are looking at a universal system with an electric motor and a switch, then more or less the same. Pipe from water container to pump. from pump to nozzle. Connect negative side of the wires from the motor to earth, the other side to one of the terminals of the switch. the other side of the switch to a fuse (either one you put in or one you are using from the Haf fuse board. When you press the switch (or turn it on), the motor forces water out of the jets at the windscreens.

    Where are you in the country? There might be someone in the Haf world who lives near you that could give you a hand if you don't feel confident putting in a washer system.

  • Hi John Thanks for the information.
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