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Good evening folks,

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say hello! I'm in a position that I am considering a Pinzgauer as a vehicle to have in the stable so any advice / thoughts appreciated. I'm looking at a 1990s 716 as a probable candidate, probably a hard top as I think this would make a decent camper. Soft tops look great but long, winter journeys don't sound like much fun and as a camper the lack of security is an issue too!!

Having owned a number of ex military Land Rovers over the years, my current one is increasingly decrepit and the price of decent old shape Defenders is now out of my price range so a Pinz it may well be. Having had many years in the TA / Army Reserve I've often seen them but never been in or driven one.

Lots of questions before I go to look - any things / weak spots that I should be particularly looking or listening out for? What are they like to service and keep on the road? Do they always need specialist garages to service them or could any proper 'spanner' garage do the job? What are they like to insure - any steer on who's good? 

Cheers, Duncan.


  • Sorry, not going to be much help as I have a Haflinger not a Pinz. Having aid that there are always some items which would be prudent to check. Rust - ever present on a UK vehicle. Most likely places are probably footwells, suspension points. Rear cargo floor edges. Obviously check that all the levers (Diff locks) etc are working correctly. Another point would be to check for leaks at all the drive train components. I.e. hubs, differentials, transfer box.
    Whilst not deal killers, any / all of the above would have an impact on price and your time!

  • Thanks for your ideas John, more added to the list!

  • Hi Duncan 21,please ring 07443005550,it's easier to talk, regards, Ashley.
  • Forgot to say ring evenings
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