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We now have a new, automated membership system which can be accessed via

The cost of membership is just £10 a year and we would encourage you to join to help support your Club.


  • This actually works! I'm impressed.

  • Welcome back John
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    How does this tie in with my GBP30 per annum Standing Order (last paid out 01-APR-2021) ???
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    Hi huflinger  As you have paid £30 your Membership will now last for Three Years, this applies to any Member who has paid £30, a reminder to renew Membership will be sent to you in 3 years time,  hope this info helps  Regards Clubsec  Admin
  • Julian,  I can confirm that you are paid up until 01/04/2024. Please cancel your standing order. The new system will invite you to renew in 2024 and our preference is either Paypal or card.  You need to cancel your s/o else you will be overpaying every year.  If you really wish to continue with a s/o then please change it to £10 from 01/04/2024. The online/Paypal part works well and gives you the option to pay either by Paypal or by a debit or credit card. 
    There is no involvement with Facebook directly from this system so please have no worries about that.  
  • Many thanks both - I will cancel the Standing Order and make a diary note to pay £10 in 2024.

    regards, Julian
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