Hafling Treffen

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Just returned from a fabulous few days in Sud Tirol in northern Italy. Originally planned for May 2020 which was postponed to May 2021, which was also postponed. There were 130-150 Haflingers there, from Austria, Switzerland, German, Italy, Portugal, Lesotho (/Netherlands) and 2 from the UK. Glorious weather (zero rain), fab scenery, and plenty of laughter. My Haflinger drove well, with just one easily fixed issue on one of the off road trips. Most of the Haflinger driving was on well used forest tracks, but with a couple of fords and a little bit of rock crawling.

We drove just over 1,500 miles round trip, with just 57 miles driven in the Haflinger. It is quite a commitment in terms of time and money to get there, but I would _thoroughly_ recommend trying to get to the next one in a few years time.

There is a very interesting wikipedia entry for Sud Tirol - certainly worth a read; every town / village has two names - the German and Italian versions. If you drop the last “o” from Avelengo and say it out loud “Aaaaave - Ling” it sort of sounds like Hafling!

I have attached a couple of photos in the Gallery ("HaflingTreffen2022"). I have more but TBH I am losing the will to live trying to drive this software!


  • For anyone with 30 minutes to spare, this is quite a well produced video of the recent Treffen in Sud Tirol. I think it represents the fabulous weekend well.

    We get blink & you’ll miss it cameos at times 01:39, 11:48 and 21:25.

    The commentary is in German, but I don’t think much is lost by not understanding it.

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