Pinz 710 Engine

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Ok, this particular Pinz hates me.  A future magazine article will give all the background.  After rebidding the fuel pump I went to refit it.  Don't ask how I made this billy basic mistake but I dropped the 13mm nut into the engine through the pump aperture.  It's not visible so I cannot fish it out.  Engine out and strip I think?    So my question is, any tips on removing the engine and stripping it to look for this 13mm nut which is somewhere!


  • Before you strip the engine, have you though of using one of those "snake" cams? You can buy ones with lights on the end to illuminate things so the camera can see and also have a magnet on the end to allow you to bring the nut back out when withdrawing the cam. 

    Prices vary, so a good hunt around on the Internet is called for. You can get ones which are basically a web cam using a USB connection to your laptop or a stand alone one which has its own screen.

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    Something like this:-



    You will need to drain the oil or you won't see anything! Do it slowly and it won't move the nut from where ever it is to some where new.
  • Hi John,

    Thanks.  I thought of this but then thought it too much to buy but having seen the link you posted then maybe not.  Going to have a look around the internet now.

  • Kevin,

    Have you found your nut?

  • I think Kevin has parked the Pinz at the bottom of the garden and forgotten about it!

  • So here is the update.  Bought a bore scope, spent several entertaining hours inspecting the innards of the Pinz's engine.  Still no loose nut to be seen.  So having left it festering in the drive for several weeks I decided decisive action was required.  Oil out, sump off.  No nut to be seen!  Mind you the sump was really corroded so  it was a good opportunity to clean it up.  Well one thing led to another and now the Pinz is minus its pertrol tank.  It must be the most rotten Pinz in existence.  If it were an old Land Rover Discovery I'd say it has terminal rot in the sills but it is'nt and I'm sure it is not terminal.  Back to the reason all this begun, The engine turns over freely ( using a wrench and socket ) so the missing nut is not jammed somewhere it should not so where the heck has it gone?  Meanwhile, just made a bulk order to for cutting and grinding discs.  What a dog this Pinz is.....  More soon!
  • Presumably you have followed the path the nut might have taken from the hole to the sump?  Possibly there is a strengthening web sort of the route that it might be sitting on? Just waiting for you to drive over a bump and it to end up in a con rod joint!

    You know you do need to find that nut, don't you?

    The rest of the truck can wait, because you'll get caught up in cutting rot out and replacing with new metal, you'll forget you ever lost a nut into the engine until it is too late and your engine has just gone BANG!

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