Rocker box covers

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Hi all,

I am after a pair of rocker box covers - hopefully someone has a pair they are prepared to part company with. Let me know.



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    John, i have plenty of engine bits including rocker box covers for a hafi. I think i might even have some new ones. I will check and get back to you. Nigel 
  • Thanks Nigel.

    Awaiting further contact....

  • John,

    I have one new one, still sealed in a Steyr Puch bag, and several used ones. £10 for the new one, £5 each for the used ones. The used ones have oil pipes, either the straight pipe or the ones with a second pipe off, take your pick.

  • I will take a pair of your used ones if that's alright with you. Might as well have one of each unless you have a surplus of one side over the other in which case I take which ever you have most of!
    No simple way on here to pass on addresses without the whole world knowing, so I have an email address that I use in these circumstances. (heinkeljb@oink(DOT)co(DOT)uk). Then we can send each other emails directly.

    Many thanks

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    Hi John and Nigel ( and all Forum Members ) there is an easy way to make contact with other Forum Members without it appearing on the Forum, just click on the members user name and you will see a box saying,
    Send user name a Message  hope this helps.  Regards Pete Elliott  ( Admin )
  • Many thanks for that information Pete, I thought there should be a system but didn't find it.

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