VW engined Haflinger

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Some one has taken the trouble to upload some pictures of the clutch / gearbox joint for mounting a VW engine into a Haflinger. I would like to see more pictures of this Modification along with a thread in which there is a description of the work involved.
It is not some thing I need to do at present as the original engine in mine is working, but I can see "engine transplant" as being something of interest if the original engine becomes either too expensive to refurbish, or parts too unobtainable.

Questions like, do you have to have a special connecting part made to join the crank output from your new engine to the gearbox input shaft, or is there some one who makes these bit already?
Similarly, do you have to get an adapter plate made to allow you to bolt the engine to the existing gearbox mountings. Do you have to make additional engine mountings to share some of the load of the new engine?



  • Barry,
    Any update on this issue? Any additional photos you could share. I am very interested in what was done to handle the starting chores since there is no provision for a ring gear on the Haflinger flywheel. 
    take care.

    Jim Molloy
    Waldersee Farm
    Sheridan, Oregon
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