Pinzgauer spring compressor needed

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Need to replace the two broken front springs on my 710M. Had a look at the job and decided that I need the right tool for the job. Has anyone got any I could borrow. I'm happy to pay for courier collection and re-delivery.




  • Hi Kev. You do need to use a good spring compressor, the front springs are very strong and dangerous if you don't use the correct tools, this is the only compressor I trust!

    Cheers Nigel.

  • I was about to tackle the job with a pair of regular compressors and quickly realised they weren't going to be up to the job.

    I've never seen that style before. I have a few mates within the garage industry so I'll see if anyone has anything similar.

    The front springs look like they've been broken for 10-years so another few weeks won't make much difference!

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