Dutch Treffen 2014 (April 25th 26th)

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Sorry this is after the fact, but I have posted that is was happening before it happened, honest!

Just to give some of you a boost to get your re-builds finished. What, I hear you say.... The rebuild that has been going on for the last several years, but still isn't finished.

I drove my Haflinger "Lurch" from my home on the south coast of England to Dover. Boarded a ferry to Dunkirk in France and then using their equivalent of A and B roads, drove through France, Belgium and into Holland. Only hiccup suffered on the way there was a partially discharged battery. Lurch wouldn't start on the Dynastart at Dover when we went to board. A quick push start and then another when we departed the ferry.
Stayed at a campsite in a tent, but for those of you who don't do "camping" there are plenty of cheap hotels / B&B's you could stay at all over Holland.
Over the two days of the "Treffen" we drove our 20 Haflingers some 130 miles. One Haflinger failed to make the start with major electrical / carburation problems, 2 Haflingers developed charging problems but would start with a push.and completed the drives.
Great bits of "green lane" tracks and one section of proper playground type slopes and holes.
Drove back to the ferry port and then home with no problems. Several stops on the way there and on the way back as "rest stops" or to put petrol in. Overall Lurch traveled about 650 miles and return about 30 mpg.

So get those Haflingers out of the garage and on the road so you can have fun "driving" them!



  • Hi John, I can now appreciate the stress you go through driving your haf to events. Three of us have recently driven without backup all the way to Vienna and back to do the 55th anniversary event in Austria. We even drove into the CZ Rep briefly. We covered 2032 miles. We tried to do 200mls a day but with minor problems this proved harder in practice. When you are so far from home every noise and bump seems to be your nemesis. It does give you a massive sense of achievement but only after travelling with the fear of imminent breakdown round every corner. We have put it down to character building. The pills are now working fine, and the therapist reckons I only need monthly visits now.
    Yours Tonka toy.
  • Tonkatoy - that is an amazing achievement ! Hats off to you for even contemplating such a long trip. Even 200 miles a day must feel like an epic.

    Sorry that I couldn't make the 55th Treffen - I thoroughly enjoyed the 50th, but having been to the Dutch trephine and one in Salzkammergut this year my budget for the year had been blown!


    PS Apologies for the lack of a reply on Facebook, but I have temporarily stopped using it with a view to binning it completely ...
  • I am glad the 3 of you actually managed to organise and drive there and back - break downs are part and parcel of running an old vehicle.

    Shame I had no holiday time left at the time, would have been a great trip.

    Oi am sure you have many little stories associated with it, How about putting some to the written word? Allway interesting to see how others cope with things.


    P.S. Well done for doing it in the first place!
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