Wow! What a dull place this is!

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After a promising start, the spammers have been the most active people on here... It appears lots of people have joined the site, but can't be bothered to start new discussions or even respond to existing ones.

Making assumptions here: (I know, assumptions are the mother of all mistakes), I assume all these people who have joined have some interest in either of the two vehicles the site covers. So why can't they be bothered to even write one line like "I have a Haflinger" or " I have a Pinzgauer"?
I also assume that they check in on this site every once in a while - see that nothing has changed and leave immediately, instead of thinking "it would be more interesting if there was a new post to read and that if I start one, then some else will respond to it and that might be interesting to read"!  

I am sure people would like to know even if it's a pile of bits in the corner of the garage and has been for the past 40 years. Or that they bought one last week. Or even that they just think the vehicle are funny looking.



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    All Forum Members, John is quite right that its the ' Spammers ' that have been most active, yes a lot of people have joined the site and a small number have posted, some have logged on after joining but not posted and the majority have joined and never logged on again ! Don't know what the answer is or even if there is one, I do like John's idea of a one liner " I have a Haflinger / Pinzgauer " etc at least it will let people know what vehicles Members own, so don't be shy have a go at posting some thing. Here's my 10 penneth, between us,  me and my Brother own  3 Pinzgauers ( Road Legal ) 1 Pinzgauer ( Restoring ), 1 Haflinger ( Restoring ) I Pinzgauer Ambulance Trailer ( Road Legal ) and loads of Pinzgauer and Haflinger Spares, we are both busy people as I'm sure a lot of Members are, Brother with own business and the Editor of the Club Magazine also Admin' for this Forum, I am also Admin ( Fighting the Spammers ) for the Forum and also the Club Secretary and Events Co-ordinator so although we do post now and again our time is limited, hope this and John's posting will encourage more people to have a go.
      Regards Pete Elliott
  • Look at that!

    Someone responded to a "new" post..... Isn't that far more interesting than logging on here and seeing the same few posts and that nothing has changed?

    Lurch, my 1973 Haflinger sits on the driveway most of the time, but I do try to go for a drive at least once during a weekend. Every once in a while I will drive him to work and back - 30 odd miles round trip.

    Guess what time in the morning I travel? I leave home at 8am! Actually, before I started taking Lurch to work and back I monitored the speed of the traffic on my route. For the majority of the way, the traffic flows at about 40mph, so I really don't feel I have to pull in every once in a while to let people past like some of the tractor drivers do... It is always satisfying to "overtake" something in the Haflinger, as most of the time they are overtaking you.

  • Hi John, I must admit it is satisfying for us to overtake something in the Haf ' its mostly pedestrians !! or better still cars stuck in the snow  :))  Regards Pete
  • Hey John, don't hit me with those negative waves! 

    Only kidding - Kelly's Heroes on my mind - looking forward to the War and Peace show tomorrow.

  • Shan't be going this year, 

    Last year they told me they (the idiot marshals), did not want it because it was't green!

    So they can do with out a beige Haflinger.

  • Look.... A ripple in the pond that is this forum! Nice to read a bit from others. I did think there were several people out there who actually had a interest in these vehicles.

    Now we just need to keep them writing little bits about the rebuild that might or might not happen.


    P.S. We need more details guys!  
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    Hi Sibrysmi, thank you for your posting, ( Hope more people will post !! ) will be more than happy to see you at the Treffen and AGM, John I know its a long way but just wondered if you are coming as well or not.  Regards Pete Elliott
  • Hi Pete,

    I am sorry to say it is unlikely I will be able to make to the AGM. I will probably be in South Africa or at least in the process of organising the trip at that point in time.

  • Moved the thread to "General" as it was under "Links" for some reason. Must have been on that when I started it.

    Anyway, looks like the site had a hiccup and had two people post and then nothing - So back to square one I presume!  

  • Hi John, site seems ok at the moment, might have been a ' Spammer ' or something,  hope you have a good trip to South Africa, its going to take you a while in ' Lurch '  :):)) , hope to see you at Dersingham in October. 
     Regards Pete
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    I was referring to the sudden posting by two others, but that it seems to have gone quite again.  :D

    I would love to have the time and money to be able to drive there in Lurch. When I win the lottery!!!

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    Hi John, Ah I now see what you mean about postings, yes it has gone quite so as you say back to square one again, any how have a good trip to South Africa and take plenty of photos for the Club Magazine, keep doing the lottery, you never know you may be lucky one day !!
     Regards Pete
  • I'll put my hand up and accept that I am a member, I did post a couple of times initially, but rarely do now. Time is short for everyone, so inevitably the number of forums I frequent is limited. has a critical mass that This Place struggles to achieve. Chicken and egg, perhaps, but ....
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    Thanks huflinger, yes I agree does have a lot more postings than ours, don't know why but maybe because it is a different kind of Forum than this one and ours is more for our Club Members ( All though any one can join the Forum ), one of the reasons we set it up was to let people know of Club Events and any changes to dates etc, as I see from your posting on Events 2014 this system has worked. hope fully more people will post as time goes on. Another reason for the Forum is to put our club out to the ' Wider Haflinger & Pinzgauer World ' to encourage more people to join the Club, up to know we have had 4 new members join and a few more possibles, so at least we are doing some thing right.
       Regards Pete Elliott  ( Club Secretary & Forum Admin )
  • Pete - agreed; it was precisely because I wanted to check the details of the Hampshire Treffen that I logged in this morning. So whilst traffic might be lower than elsewhere it does still have a place, and for one am grateful to those who help make it work  :)
  • Do my eyes deceive me? Another person posting!!  I think I will have to go and have a lie down   I-)

    Nice to see that there is some traffic on here even if it travels like a Haflinger - slow..... I frequent several forums and try to post something relevant when I visit. Now I have an issue, two events happening on the same weekend. Will have to work on the logistics of doing both if I can.

  • It's died again! Insurance obviously was the biggest draw, and now that it has been sorted, there posts have faded away.

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    Very true John, don't know what the answer is in people not posting, but I suppose you can't force people to post, at least the ' Spammers ' keep joining and keeps me busy deleting them every day :(

  • Hi John, don't know where to post this, but I will post it here any way, thanks for Flagging Up spammers, I do try and delete them asap, usually within a couple of hours but nearly always on the same day, Once again many thanks..........Pete ( Admin ) 
  • Atleast the 3 where actual prose and not just odd sentences thrown together! I mean they actually got me to read them before really flagging them as spam as they only had a couple of hyperlinks in them.

    Subjects were a bit naff, but then what do you expect?

    Not a problem to flag them when they catch my eye.

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    Hi guys. Just testing.
  • Hi everyone. Just thought I would say hello on here.
    We haven`t actually got a Haflinger yet, but have been looking to buy one for a while now. Unfortunately we lost out on that poly cab that was on eBay couple months ago.

    We do have a Steyr Puch 500 S however and a Haflinger would make it good company.

    Reading through the forum I realise there was a Haflinger at the Edenbridge show recently. Shame we didn`t go as it`s just down the road from us and I would have loved to see one in real life.

    Hopefully I`ll be able to post on here about some Haflinger action in the future.

  • Hi Ladislav,

    That would have been mine! it's name is Lurch and every once in a while you will see if you log on here a couple of pictures of Lurch when he was at Edenbridge.... One on his side and the other just after he had been righted.
    I live in Lewes so it was not that far from either. If you want I can drive up to you if you want a look round an "in the flesh" Haflinger - it would be a good excuse to take Lurch for a drive!

  • Hi John.

    I did check out the photos of your car in the gallery. It looks great. It`s nice to see you drive it around a fair bit.

    If you ever near Tunbridge Wells area please pop in. We are in Ashurst.

    There is someone in Hartfield with both a Pinz and Haflinger, not sure if he is a member on here?

    Sorry about the first post btw, I tried to edit it, but couldn`t work it out.
  • Hi Ladislav, Thanks for posting, if you are interested I can Email you direct on details of how to join the Club.
         Regards Pete Elliott ( Admin & Club Secretary )
  • I work in Crowborough and take Lurch to work every once in a while. Ashurst is bot far from there, only trouble is that at 6pm, it's very dark!

  • Hi Pete. Yes please send me the details.

    John Crowborough isn`t too far from us, but I can see you point about the lights. Well if you are out on a weekend drive sometime, you are always welcome to pop in.
  • I'm not bothered about driving in the dark! I have super duper headlights so I can see as well as a modern car.
    I was only mentioning the dark as it will make any viewing of yours that much less "impressive" for you if you can't see Lurch!

    This next Sunday 21st might be possible, I'll see what booked. I think this place has the equivalent of a PM system if you click on the persons user name, which might better for making arrangements than the open forum.


  • John I sent you a PM. I hope it worked.
  • yup, replied
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