Green Lane weekend

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Those of you who received the flyer from Paul regarding his weekend of "Green lane" runs, technically known as Byways open to all traffic (BOAT's) and turned up were suitably impressed with the route he had planned.

Apparently they had traversed it two previous weekends to make sure they got it right and didn't miss any turnings. I understand why!  :)

Some of the routes had overgrown entrances and it was like driving through a hedge and suddenly finding yourself in a green tunnel.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for him to organise another one - even if it is the same route! We can just travel it in the other direction!


P.S. Who's going to make Dersingham over the weekend 12th / 13th October?


  • Hi John, sounds like you had a good weekend, thanks for sending us your article for the Mag', we will be going to Dersingham as per usual, will arrive some time Friday afternoon, hope the weather is better than last year.
     Regards Pete
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