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Just broken the bank and bought some new tyres. My local tyre man took the old tyres off the rims prior them going off for powder coating. However, the question is, where can I get some of the small plastic collars that sit inside the rim, where the tube valve goes. I hadn't realised that inner tube valves used to be fat but are now thin, and the plastic collar is there to stop the thin valve moving about.  All the tyre places near me say, yes used to see them a lot, but not for many years now. Anybody got a bag of 100 in the back of their garage?


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    Not sure you'll find the things exactly like you remember them looking like. I did a quick search and came up withe the following page:-
    I'll leave you to decide on where you might get such things from.

  • Thanks John, just bought 10 off the bay. Its knowing the right search string that helps.

  • Just had the 5 new Maloyas fited to my newly powder coated wheels. But, being the Hafi peasant that I am, I hadn,t realised that Maloyas are handed. Depending on which way they are put on the rim they are for left or right side only. Which means that my spare really is only good for one side. But the good news is that even without an E mark they are still legal in the uk. Its the ones marked "not for road use" that need to be avoided.
  • Even though they are handed, if you have to put one on as a spare, it will work perfectly well in the dry - just won't clear water as well as it should, if fitted to the wrong side.

    Just don't leave on there, get correct rotation back as soon as possible.

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