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Bit of an old chestnut I know for some of the older (sorry) longer serving members. 
My Polycab was originally beige and from what I can glean from the various Hafi sites the nearest RAL to this nowadays is 7032.
HafiT told me that the military colour was RAL6014, but that is quite a dark khaki.  7032  looks a bit too white compared to the inside of my cab, I need something a bit deeper. Not a lot, but a bit. Some of my rims were also a nice apple green for which I have no number at all.

Anybody got any suggestions about the final combination. Body in 7032, wheels in green? Or should the wheels be the same as the body?


  • My suggestion for what's worth is that you are the one that is going to have to live with what ever colour you paint it, so paint it colours you like - forget what colours it came in.... If you do sell it, then the next person can get it repainted in what ever colours they like.

    We no longer live in Henry Ford's day where you cauld have any colour you liked as long as it was black!


    You can always take a bit of the interior paint in to a paint shop and get them to match it. 
  • Someone more knowledgeable than I will confirm, but my understanding is that early civilian Haflingers had body coloured rims, whereas Series II had silver rims. But do check if originality is important to you. (Certainly my Feb '62 Haflinger always had body coloured rims).
  • Thanks. I am going with RAL 7032 for the body and the wheels. My local powder coater has just told me that he doesn't have that, so its a different colour or a different powder coater. There are several near where I live so its off to the Yellow Pages I think.
  • Just be careful about "military colours" as I have just been asked by my insurance (it's due for renewal) whether my Haflinger is Ex-Military and if it's painted in "colours".
    So having told them that it is a "civilian" model and no, it is not painted in "military colours"! They have had to go back to the underwriters to find out what the renewal premium is going to be.
    This is the same "underwriter" that i used last year and they never asked me that pair of questions when they quote my insurance then.

    So  what has changed this year? More regulation? Who knows?

  • Thats interesting John. But hopefully as mine is a Polycab the question is not really relevant. And its going to be beige / limestone.  I am with Footman James and they haven't really asked anything about it. 

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