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I've just sold my last but one haff. Only one left now. I was trying to get Horace insured to run it on the road again after a long long layoff whilst I did other things. Only trouble is that I can no longer find anyone to insure it. I used to be with Aon, but they only do classic cars over £1m now..so that sort of lets me out.

I've tried lv classic and james footman, but neither of them will quote. Any one any ideas please?


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    Hi Peter and welcome to the Forum,  we use Premium Choice for our Haflingers and Pinzgauers, however they are on a Military Vehicle Insurance scheme as they are all Ex Military Vehicles so don't know if they will do a civilian Haflinger but you could give them a try, they actually know what  Haflingers and  Pinzgauers are, hope this helps, no doubt other Forum Members will reply to your posting as they must insure there vehicles some where.
     Regards Pete Elliott  ( Club secretary )
  • Hi Peter,

    I have this week been in tough with Footman James and will be insuring Lurch (My 1973 Haflinger) through them on a comprehensive policy.under their Specialist vehicle department, so don't take whoever you spoke to as being correct when they say they don't insure them. They do call it a "private car" - don't tell them it is 4x4 or a pickup - let them decide what it is! (0843 3571091) 

    Myself being rather ancient (although my son who is 28 is a named driver) obviously gets it at a very reasonable £137 per year with 5000 miles. There are some caveats to the cover, but then there always are.
    They did have some strange options like buying back the salvage, but then having deductions (what ever they are) coming off the payment or paying £15 and having no deductions.

    Another company which I have used for the last two years is Sureterm Direct, who were more expensive this year by quite a long way from the quote above. Guess who going to be insuring Lurch this year!

    Hope this helps,

  • Thanks for that, they just said they didn't recognise the maker "Steyr" so they couldn't insure it, I'll have another try, I'm also going to try Pete E's suggestion tomorrow.

    btw. Footman James has a freephone no:
    0800 1105222  ;>)
  • Hi Peter,

    I know they have a freephone number, but that's a number from my Quotation form" so they at least must know about Haflingers!

    Might be worth trying variations of the spelling on them i.e. Styer Puch Haflinger or Steyr Puch Haflinger or just give them the word Haflinger and get them to look in up on Google!

  • Whilst Footman James didn't refuse to insure my Haflinger, they did make it perfectly clear that it would NOT be insured off road whether that be a "green lane" or in my fields. It got to the point where I asked them to define the difference between my lawn (where it would be covered) and my field (where it wouldn't), but the conversation became so perverse that I gave up.

    Towergate seem to have no issues with Haflingers and I have three insured through them in the UK.
  • Towergate and Footman James are the same company / group so that seems to one of those weird insurance glitches. They also told me that about green lane'ing and when I pointed out that a "green lane" is actually a "By Way open to all traffic" and that it is an ordinary road, bar the tarmac surface. They agreed that the Haflinger would be covered whilst driving on that but not when "Off Roading"!

    Having said that, most  "Off Roading" takes place on private property and you go there specifically to drive your vehicle under extreme conditions (I know most don't but as far as insurance companies go.....)

    So, tomorrow I will contact TowerGate and see what they quote.

    I also need to change the oil in Lurch tomorrow to be ready for the drive / weekend up at Dersingham in a couple of weekends time.

  • The web site for Towergate only puts you through to a classic car policy under the banner of Footman James.
    Got a phone number for them?

  • Try 0844 346 0509. It looks suspiciously like a premium number though. Grrrr. 

     01908 258400 might still work (during office hours?).

  • Thanks,

    Will try them.

  • My concern, and I might be being overly cautious here, is what would happen if you hurt someone else (passenger or bystander) when driving off road; who would take on  the liability?
  • As the law stands, you (the driver) are responsible - Insurance is what people take out in order to be able to pay for any claim that might be made against them.
    There is no requirement to have insurance covering a vehicle when used on private property with owners permission, but it is a requirement if the vehicle is used in a public place i.e. public roads.

    The law has become vague recently due to changes to try and catch "joy riders" and people who drive on private property without the owners permission, which means you can be prosecuted for driving off road and then they will add the "Not having valid insurance" along with anything else they can think of in order to get at least one of the charges to stick.

    I am not expert in this field so please don't take what I have written as true. It is to the best of my knowledge, but as the law keeps getting changed and those changes are not always advertised - the above might be highly inaccurate!.

  • Hmm, i'm trying Premier choice as a first step, however its a toss up between them answering or my cordless batteries going flat first.
    ..hooray, got through to Premier and they have actually heard of haffys 

    woowee. £99 p.a.. covered for driving it off road. Actual underwriter of last resort is LV

    As far as off road insurance goes, if I remember rightly all of the haf club events had third party insurance arranged through RAC MSA think it was about a tenner per driver.

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    Hi Peter, Yes you are correct about the MSA insurance at the moment it stands at £4.25 per driver,  but it is only for our Club Off Road Events, these are on private land with the land owners permission, it does not cover you for Green Laning and as stated in ' heinkeljb's ' posting, Green Lanes are classed as Public Roads and you will need Road Insurance as well as a current MOT and comply with the Highway Code when using such lanes the Police in various parts of the country, especially National Parks, have started doing spot checks on vehicles using Green Lanes to check if they have valid Insurance, MOT etc,  hope this helps.  Regards Pete Elliott
  • At 2pm this afternoon I phones Premier Choice, after a while on hold listening to classical music, I was put through to the receptionist who informed me that "they" were rather busy and that if I gave her my details she would arrange a "call back".

    Well, they shut a 3pm on a Saturday and you guessed... no call back.

    So I will try again on Monday.

  • at least it's a freephone no
  • I have to say, this is the longest running thread on this board! I wonder if there will be any others that will challenge it?

  • Hi John and Peter_m, Just wondering if you both made a spelling mistake, Did you ring Premier Choice or Premium Choice as the latter is the one we use and in all the dealings with them over many years I have never been told they would have to ring me back because they were busy, although I have been on hold a few times, however I have never had dealings with Premier Choice and yes this is the longest running thread at the moment but it goes to show that the Forum is use full.  Regards Pete Elliott 
  • Premium choice.

    Sorry for the mix up. Got overexcited
  • Hi Peter_m,  just clicked onto your last post moneysupermarket/motor/ reviews, does sound like a poor insurance company, however we have been with them for many years and never had any problems, staff were always polite and helpful, maybe its because we have Classic Military Vehicle Insurance with them and not just ordinary Motor Insurance, who knows. hope you get sorted out.  Regards Pete Elliott
  • Hope so, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Although insurance company behind Premier is LV.,


    which is only available through brokers of which Premium is one. So the actual insurance company should be no problem in the event of a claim.

    I certainly had no problem with "Emma" when I rang up, she was polite and helpful..perhaps the people complaining were "difficult" customers.
  • I'll phone 0800 130 3744 tomorrow and find out what they will offer me. I also came across another phone number 0800 954 2873, so do either of you have a preference as to which number I phone?

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    Hi John, Maybe Premium Choice have changed there phone numbers, we have always contacted them on Renewals 08452603470,   also other numbers are New Business 08452603410,   Customer Service 08452603420 these numbers were correct as of 12 April 2014 when we received our renewal insurance documents.
     Regards Pete Elliott
  • Thanks Pete,

    I'll give them a go tomorrow.

  • Finally managed to get through to Premium  choice, they didn't quote me quiet as cheap as Peter M. (add another £100)

    Still, I will probably use them as their policy is from their 4x4 policy system so includes "offroading" cover. I could have asked them to quote from their "Classic Car" system and would probably have got better quote, but then they would probably have produced the same - Are you going to use it for green laneing  or offroading - questions.

    This way it is covered doing either.

  • i went for  max of 1000 miles and locked garage, otherwise perhaps it's either my great age or location. Having said that, I have no documents yet....
  • 5000 miles and parked on the driveway, so slightly greater risk for them I suppose. Whether or not I get any where near 5000 miles is yet to be determined.

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    Hi John, glad your all sorted with the Haf insurance, knowing the amount of travelling you do in in Lurch then 5000 miles seems reasonable  :)   Pete
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