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Wheel studs. I have to change a couple on one rear hub but it doesn't look like there is sufficient clearance to get them in or out without taking the hub apart. Is there a smart method or is it really a doddle? Or is it really going to be a bit of a b****r?


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    You don't have to take the complete hub apart,

    Drain the oil obviously.
    Undo the 4 nuts at the back of the hub that cover the nut / shaft / bearing. DO NOT LOSE the thin shim washers between it and the bearing - they control the bearing pre-load!
    Put a nice long breaker bar in the studs that you do have (or figure out a way of holding the hub stationary.
    Remove the split pin in the flange shaft on the inside of the hub.
    Undo the nut holding the flange shaft in place.
    Now you can pull the flange from the hub and replace the wheel studs with it on the bench / vice!

    This way involve undoing the minimum number of things to get the wheel flange out of the hub.

  • Thanks again John.doesn,t sound too bad, and thankfully they are both on the same hub.
  • The only point in all of this that might be a bit of a 'mare will be pulling the wheel flange out of the bearing once you have undone the nut of the inside of the hub. It shouldn't be that bad, but that's the only place in the dismantling sequence which might hold you up. 

    The only other word of warning I will mention is when you come to put it all back together again. There is a section in the repair manual which tells you how to set the bearing pre-load. Basically you need to put enough shim washers in between the flat plate at the back and the outer bearing race so that you get the correct amount of friction in the bearing.

    This can be achieved like so:-  you make a stick which has two half moons cut out on either side so they will fit the wheel studs and hold the stick in place. Then you measure from the center of the wheel hub along the stick 7~9cm. Hang a 1kg bag of sugar from a string tied at this point. You need to add or remove the shim washers until you can just get the bag of sugar to remain stationary when you hang it on your stick.

    Why they couldn't just have made it so you tightened up the nut on the shaft like other vehicles, only they know! Complicated solution to a simple problem which other manufactures solved with out having to have a supply of various thickness shims!

    Still, that's how you do it!

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