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I just visited the site and was presented with a picture of a garage door. It's a very nice picture of a garage door but as much as I try I can't see the haf/pinz relevance. Could anyone enlighten me?



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    Hi Neil,

    That's mine!

    If you have a look in the gallery at the pictures relating to Lurch (My Haflinger) you will see the first picture is of Lurch's headlights. These are "aftermarket" HID projector lens units that combine both dip and main beams in a single unit.
    The garage door picture is of the beam pattern the head lights produce - as you can see the cut off is very well defined and when compared to the original "glow worms" that are original equipment, I can travel at night at the same speed as during the day because I can see where I am going!

    i used the garage door as a method of setting the height and direction of the two headlights.

    Modern lighting in a 40 year old vehicle!

  • Hi John,

    Thank you for the explanation and wow!.. yes I can see that the cut off is very well defined. My pinz still has the original headlamps which splash light in roughly the right places, with some black electrical tape to mask off the bits that go in the wrong place for a drive-on-the-left country, which satisfies the MOT. I tend not to take it out much at night because it's not very visible from the rear.

  • The HID's use slightly more power than the original headlights but I have changed most of the other bulbs for LED ones to reduce the power requirement there. So overalll, power use is about the same as it was.

    LED bulbs at the rear are brighter than the originals so should be visible from the rear by most non myopic road users.

    I have added a picture showing the contrast between the HID and original against the garage door if you want to see.


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    Just to clarify the situation regarding photos when logging on, each time you log on a different photo from the gallery will be shown, and thanks John for explaining the garage door photo.  Regards Pete
    PS It would be nice to see more photos in the gallery from other Forum Members
  • Be careful of the HID's if using them on the highway. it looks as thought they might be illegal unless you have jumped through hoops.
  • Peter,

    I can't access the link you posted as you have to join and to be honest, I don't think I would really take much notice of an automotive item being discussed on a computer orientated forum. No doubt there are some on there who profess to "know" the law as regards the fitting of HID head light units to vehicles,

    I have done my research before fitting them. I read up on the construction and use regulations, there is no actual requirement for them to have either self leveling systems or washer system. They are wiped clean at the start of every journey so unless they happen to get mucky on the journey with something other than rain, they should be no worse for other road users than any other vehicle with correctly fitted HID lighting system.and as the units fitted to Lurch are specifically designed HID units. I am confident that they are legal in the application they are being used in.

    These units are sold and fitted to Kit cars and pass SVA test. They are projector lens units not converted quartz halogen headlights. They are single unit main/dip , are correctly "E" marked, are fitted so they do not blind anyone. Tested and passed by the local MOT station

    From my point of view they take very little extra power over the original 35/35watt units (43watts including the ballast) and I can gain that back by using LED bulbs in every other suitable lamp on the Haflinger. There are a couple which it is not worth changing to LED - the ignition / charging light, as the current passed is used to make the Dynastart work. The other is the indicator lights. The flasher unit would need to be changed for an electronic one capable of running LED bulbs or else what you gain for going to LED's you lose having to put a ballast resistor in the circuit. Also indicators are on for such a short time in practice it is not worth spending money on a new flasher unit whilst the original still works.

    Modern lighting is a huge improvement over the original lighting so as English law is based on precedence, there being no cases brought before the courts involving these particular HID lights, it will take a court case to prove they are illegal and if that happens, then of course I will remove them.

     (As we don't have "highways" in the UK, they should be legal on "motorways" and other public roads  :))  )


  • Doesn't work for me either now John. perhaps they took it off because it was a loda nonsense
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